Sunday School

The Sunday School ministry aims to minister the Word of God to little ones so that they may know Christ in a saving way. We realise that the early years of childhood are very critical in the development of children so we make every opportunity to impart Biblical principals to help our children grow up into God-fearing people. “Training a child in the way he should go; when he grows up he will not depart from it”, Proverbs We have a very dedicated and enthusiastic team of teachers. Apart from teaching children who come to church on Sundays, the ministry extends its efforts to children in Kawama Township. Some of the children who attend Sunday school in Kawama are those who are sponsored by the church through the Hope for the Afflicted ministry.

Young People’s Fellowship

We live at a time of unprecedented sexual permissiveness and juvenile delinquency. And youth are facing tremendous pressure from their peers to conform to the standards of the world. YP ministry is chiefly concerned with helping our youths deal with such challenges by providing them with forums where young people are able to receive sound counsel from the word of God to guide them as they go through the teenage period. The ministry also allow the youths interact with youths of like-mind so that they are able to encourage one another.

The program is tailored in such a way that youths are able to channel their energies in worth-while activities and keep them from being idle. The ministry also seeks to reach out to youths inside and outside the church with the Gospel.

From time to time, youths in our church hold joint fellowship meetings with their peers in like-minded churches. Two major events on our youths’ annual calendar are the National Annual Reformed Baptist Youth Conference held around the Easter holiday and the Youth Rally held in December.

Ladies’ Fellowship

This ministry is made up ladies in our church, both those who are married and those who are single. The ministry aims to help our ladies to use their God-given talents for the advancement of the cause of Christ and edification of believers in the Church. The ministry deals with issues that affect women and ways by which they can spur each other towards faith, love and good works.

This ministry plays a critical role in helping would-be brides, visiting the sick, and hospitality. The ladies are at the forefront of welcoming people who visits us on Sundays. They have also taken a keen interest in helping girls deal with issues of sexual purity, hygiene, serving God and discipline.

Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s fellowship is a ministry for brothers in the Church. It aims to help men grow spiritually and provide training to help develop leadership skills needed to lead their families and take up roles in the church. The ministry is also involved in evangelism especially targeting church members’ workmates and acquaintances.

Hope for the Afflicted

Hope for the Afflicted is a ministry that seeks to help the needy in our midst and outside the church with a special focus on needy children such as orphans. The ministry started when some members were touched by the problems many children and family faced as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. AIDS does not only cause health-related problems, it also causes social and economic challenges for the patient as well as the immediate family members. The ministry, with the help of brethren in the US, provides spiritual, emotional and financial support to orphans and families looking after orphans.

Couples fellowship

Couples fellowship is the ministry that seeks to help couples in our church live happily and serve God. The ministry deals with topics relating to home management, financial management in the family, raising children in a God-fearing way, dealing with the extended family, etc.